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The Whippeteer: Whippet Dog News, Issue #0052 - Pets and Halloween
October 03, 2014

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And here is this month's featured article from our favorite vet

Pets and Halloween

Pets And Halloween: 7 Tips To Keeping Your Pet Safe

Pets And Halloween: 7 Tips To Keeping Your Pet Safe
By Dr Andrew Jones, DVM

Halloween is almost here, the children are excited, but there are some pet safety tips you should be aware of. Emergency clinics see a marked increase in calls during the week of Halloween- don't let your dog or cat be one of these emergencies. This article will cover the top 7 tips to keeping your pet safe this Halloween.

1.Toxic treats. Treats are everywhere on Halloween, and invariably dogs dig into unsupervised candies and chocolate. Chocolate is a well known toxin, with dark chocolate being most toxic. A poodle weighing 10lbs can be fatally poisoned by as little as one milk chocolate bar containing 250mg of theobromine. Xylitol is a artificial sweeter found in "sugar free" products, such as gum and candy.Signs relate to a sudden drop in glucose (blood sugar), in-coordination, collapse and seizures. Avoid feeding any chocolate, gum or candy to your pets. Keep your emergency veterinarians number handy, or call the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center at (888) 426-4435.

2.Loud noises on Halloween, such as screaming children on too much sugar, can really scare your pets. If your dog has any type of anxiety around small children, or reacts to the noise, you should keep him in a separate confined room. Cats are best given their own place away from all the action and noise. You can consider using Bach Rescue Remedy to decrease your dog and cats anxiety.

3.Pet costume safety is becoming more important as more and more dog and cats are being dressed up. Ensure that the costume doesn't restrict your pets from moving, breathing, hearing or making noise. A good tip is to try the costume on the night before, and see how your dog or cat responds to it- the last thing you want is an emergency veterinary visit due to a costume.

4.Be wary of candles which can quickly start a fire. Candles look great lighting up your pumpkins and your yard, but just ensure that your dog doesn't get too close, burning his tail. Ensure that the candles are stable, and can't be knocked over.

5.Opening the door can lead to tragedy. Dogs and cats may want to dart out as soon as trick or treaters enter, which is the last thing you want. This goes back to my point of keeping your pets in a separate room, or separate space away from the door.

6.Halloween often involves lots of electricity, meaning wires and cords. You really want to keep all this electricity out of reach of your pets. Kittens love to chew, as do many dogs, especially during stressful events; if these are chewed, then can cause serious electrical shocks.

7.My last big point involves something you should have already, proper identification for your pets. If your pet happens to escape, or become frightened with noise, proper ID can help get your dog or cat back. You can consider tags on their collar, microchip and or a tattoo.

Halloween is meant to be a time of celebration and fun, so let's keep it that way for you and your pets. Ensure that your dog or cat stays away from chocolate and candy, and avoids electrical injury from chords. Be prepared for all of the noise, and keep your pets confined in another room if needed. Lastly ensure that your pet has proper ID, in the form of a tag, tattoo or microchip.

Dr Andrew Jones is the author of a Free Ebook, Dog and Cat Health Secrets, which gives you over 100 safe, natural and effective at home remedies to solve your pet's health problems quickly and easily at home. He reveals what Vaccines to AVOID and what to give, The BEST food to feed, plus HOW to save money on veterinary fees. Your FREE DOG AND CAT HEALTH SECRETS BOOK is at

Article Source:,_DVM

The Most Effective Holistic Ways To Quickly Stop Your Dog's Anxiety By [,_DVM]Dr Andrew Jones, DVM

Dog noise anxiety, or fear of loud noises, such as fear of thunderstorms or fireworks, is very common. Pets have especially sensitive hearing. Veterinarians have estimated that your dog can hear 10 times better than you can. The loud crack of thunder is terrifying to many dogs. In some cases, the loud noise has been associated with an unpleasant experience. My family dog Max had his tail slammed in a door by the wind during a thunderstorm; any subsequent storm produced a hiding, shaking Max. This article will reveal the most effective holistic ways to quickly stop your dog's anxiety.

Most of us are aware of the signs and symptoms of a dog with noise anxiety. Your pet changes her personality in response to noise, especially thunderstorms. She may cry and whine, hide in the basement, begin to chew anything in the house or run away. Some dogs become destructive, and many a house has been damaged during a thunderstorm or fireworks. Other dogs may just tremble, pant excessively, or constantly whine or bark.

For long term success, effort must be put into training your dog to be less anxious in addition to anti-anxiety supplements. Do not positively reinforce the fearful behavior by being too kind. The next time that Lewis reacts to noise, give him a quick scratch then go about your normal household routine. If you act calm, then he may act calm.

The next time that your pet begins to act nervous, distract her with a favorite squeaky toy or tasty treat. You are teaching your pet to associate noise with a positive experience. When your pet acts less nervous, then give her lots of praise, then next storm could become far more pleasant.

A very simple, safe home remedy is milk. It contains a natural chemical called tryptophan which tells the brain to relax. Some pets may get diarrhea, so begin with a small amount (1/4 cup) at first. Increase this to 1/2 cup of warm milk given to your anxious dog when the fireworks start.

Many dogs tend to be less fearful in a small confined space, such as a crate. Crates act like a den in nature, making your pet feel safer and more protected. This does not work for all dogs, as some may hurt themselves in an effort to get out of the crate. Try to crate train your dog before a storm, then stay close by to let him out if things do not go so well.

A type of therapeutic touch, called Tellington Touch has helped many pets with noise anxiety. The most effective area is the ear. Gently hold the ear flap between your thumb and forefinger. Gently stroke from the base of the ear to the ear tip; repeat the motion several times covering different sections of the ear. Use the same fingers to draw tiny circles at the base of the ear. Try both of the techniques on your dog when he is calm. If he reacts well, then try it the next time a storm approaches.

Valerian is a herb that acts on the neuroreceptors in the brain. It may decrease anxiety in your pet, but it must be given for 2 weeks. The dose is 50 mg per lb of the dried herb or 1 drop per lb of body weight twice daily of the extract.

A Shirt wrapped around your dog can help. One product called Thundershirt claims that the gentle, constant pressure has a dramatic calming effect for most dogs if they are anxious, fearful or over-excited. The pressure has a calming effect on the nervous system. Using pressure to relieve anxiety has been a common practice for years. You can make your own "Thundershirt' by using a small shirt that is wrapped tightly around your dog's chest and over his back.

You should now have a good understanding of dog anxiety, including why so many dogs react to loud noises, such as thunderstorms and fireworks. Now you can recognize the common signs of noise anxiety in your dog; trembling, vocalizing, trying to hide, and chewing. I encourage you to consider some of the above remedies the next time your dog reacts to the loud noises, helping to calm him naturally at home.

Dr Andrew Jones is the author of a Free Ebook, Dog Health Secrets, which gives you over 100 safe, natural and effective at home remedies. Dr Jones reveals what Vaccines to avoid and what to give, The best dog food to feed, plus how to save money on veterinary fees. Your Free Dog Health Secrets Book is at

Article Source: [] The Most Effective Holistic Ways To Quickly Stop Your Dog's Anxiety I hope you enjoyed this issue of The Whippeteer.

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