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The Whippeteer: Whippet Dog News, Issue #77 - Whippet Training Course
May 04, 2017


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Did you get a puppy? Are you planning to get one? Get ready with this puppy training course!

This flash course is divided in 7 short installments that cover the basics: shopping list, house training, leash walking, sit and stay, recall and dog aggression.

You'll receive them every 3 days to give you time to practice in between.

All you need to start off on the right foot!


The Whippet of the Day

Make your whippet dog of the day! Don’t be shy, send us your best pictures and let the world know about a very special whippet dog... yours!

Don’t let those dog pictures be forgotten at the bottom of a drawer or languish in your computer, dig out your best whippet pics and put your pet in the limelight where he belongs.

Whippet Poems
Send us your most inspired poems. The best rhymes will have a special place in our website!

Whippet Car Sickness Survival Guide

News and Articles

Weird Things That Dogs Do - And Why They Do Them

Loose Dog? Don’t chase! Stop, Drop and Lie Down

The science of how behavior is inherited in aggressive dogs

Hounds – Toplines & Underlines

Westminster: Meet the New Breeds

How to Teach Your Dog the “Stop Barking” Command

Driving with your dog, safely.

Walnut The Whippet Joined By Hundreds Of People On Final Walk

Radish The Ball-Bopping Whippet

14 Reasons Whippets Are The Worst Indoor Dog Breeds Of All Time

Hound Art

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