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The Whippeteer: Whippet Dog News, Issue #0047 - Multiple Dogs
January 08, 2014

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An here is this month's featured article

Multiple Dogs: Four Things to Consider Before Adding a Second Dog to Your Family

If you're a one-dog family thinking about adding a second dog to your household, there are some things you should consider before taking this step. No doubt, this is a highly emotional decision. However, if you can take an objective look using four practical tips, you will be better able to make the decision that works for you.

Cheryl Ertelt
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Multiple Dogs: Four Things to Consider Before Adding a Second Dog to Your Family

Multiple Dogs: Four Things to Consider Before Adding a Second Dog to Your Family
By Kathy H Porter

It wasn't until I volunteered with a dog rescue organization that I began to understand the dynamics that affect families who live with two or more dogs. After 7 years of placing ex-racing greyhounds into pet homes, I'd learned quite a lot about mult-dog households. I'd like to shorten your learning curve about this topic by giving you four tips to consider before you decide to bring a second or third dog into your home.

Know your pack. If you are a one dog family, consider bringing in a dog of the opposite sex and one that is less dominate than the dog you now have. As an example, when my family decided to add a third dog to our household, we decided that dog number three would have to be female because our male Great Dane was the more dominate of the two dogs we had. He would tolerate another female dog but would have no patience for a male.

That said, one of my good friends lives quite happily with three female whippets. Does this mean that my initial advice isn't sound? Not at all. The key component is knowing your pack. My whippet friend knows her dogs. Each time she added a whippet, she carefully considered the temperaments of her dogs. Having three female dogs works for her. Make sure that you are discerning enough to know what will work for you.

Be financially responsible. Make a list of all of the expenses you had for dog number one over the past 12 months. Food, vet bills, obedience class, boarding costs, unexpected vet bills, collars, leashes, bedding, toys and anything else that you spent money on. Now multiply all of those expenses by two. Can you afford this? And, be sure you're in compliance with the number of dogs your city/town legally allows you to own.

Fence Your Yard. Although I have known families who were able to have one dog without any kind of fencing, not having a fenced yard with two or more dogs just isn't practical. Nor is it safe. Hands down, this will be your best purchase.

Timing. Take the time to evaluate what's going on in your family and ask yourself if now is a good time to add another dog. If you're getting ready to move, or have just changed jobs, perhaps it's best to wait until things settle down.

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