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The Whippeteer: Whippet Dog News, Issue #73 - Dog Boarding
December 07, 2016


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Featured Article

Dog Boarding - Alternatives To Kennels For Your Pet This Christmas

Dog Boarding - Alternatives To Kennels For Your Pet This Christmas
By Nathalie Martin

For many people Christmas is a time of year to spend with family and loved ones, this doesn't necessarily mean though that all of your loved ones live close by or even in the same country. As much as you would love to spend Christmas with your beloved dog, if you have a long journey or flight to make to the rest of your family it just sometimes isn't feasible. So I have taken a look at some of the alternatives to dog boarding kennels so that you can ensure your dog still has a happy Christmas.

Kennels can be a very expensive option and not all of them stay open over the Christmas holidays. It can also be a rather lonely option for your dog as they won't be in a home environment and therefore, it doesn't make your absence easy for your dog to cope with and can cause distress. Some kennels are very, very good at giving your dog(s) long walks and some other canine company and do a great job, but it still isn't the home comfort that your pet is used to.

Live With A Friend Over Christmas

If you have friends that perhaps own their own dog or are absolute dog lovers but just can't afford the expense of a pet right now then this could be a great solution. If you think you have such a friend that you know won't be travelling anywhere over Christmas then it's worth asking if they would mind your dog living with them for a few days over the Christmas period whilst you're away. If your mates are up for a little dog sitting over Christmas then it is wise to make sure you and your dog make a few visits to their house prior to Christmas so that your dog can familiarise themselves with what will be new surroundings to them (if they aren't familiar already) and help them to settle a little quicker once you leave making the transition a little easier for your friends.

It may even be worth leaving your dog with your friends for an hour each week during the weeks leading up to Christmas and even having your friends accompany you on dog walks so they can see and hear the commands you use whilst walking. This option is much cheaper than forking out for costly kennels, especially when pennies are tight because of all the Christmas presents you have been buying but it's a reassuring option too as you know your dog will be well cared for by people he/she knows. You will have to buy your mates and extra special Christmas present though and perhaps a bottle of wine.

Hiring A Dog/House Sitter

There are dog sitters available that freelance the service to care for your dog in your home whilst you are away. The plus side to this service is that your dog will be cared for in their own environment which means that you don't have to worry about them settling into somewhere new or worry about moving their bed, food and toys to another address. However, it does mean someone your dog isn't quite so familiar with will be caring for them. This isn't necessarily an issue because if the sitter has the right temperament and the correct training, your dog should be able to warm to them within an hour or two of you leaving. It does mean though that you are also leaving someone you are unfamiliar with caring for your home and your extended family. Humans aren't quite as trusting as animals and although the sitter will have been through all of the necessary checks, have outstanding recommendations and testimonials at the end of the day, they will always be a stranger in your home and that can be a difficult thought to let go of. It's terrible to have to feel so distrustful, especially when this is their method of employment but unfortunately, because of the world we live in this is how we now think. We are a suspicious breed!

Home Dog Boarding

Home dog boarding services are available as an alternative to dog boarding kennels This is when the same service is provided, so your dog still goes to stay at another address but instead of being in kennels they reside in a home with other dogs and the dog boarding owners. This service is usually much cheaper than the cost of kennels, freelance dog sitters or plush luxury 'dog hotels' as you can purchase their boarding service from as little as �125 per week, which includes feeding, dog walking and playing just as your dog would receive from you.

The great thing about this service is that the owners that offer this service are usually CRB checked, first aid and behaviour training qualified so your dog is left in the hands of professionals without even realising it. He/She will feel like they too have had a holiday as they are still in a home environment, just someone else's which is less distressing to them because this is the living environment that they are used to. The great thing about dogs is that they will usually settle anywhere as long as they have plenty of attention and somewhere warm and cosy to sleep, which they will. This surprisingly is a service that some companies offer 365 days a year, so Christmas and New Year's included because they get to stay at home but also care for their favourite animals.

You can also still buy a stocking and presents for your pet as they will ensure your dog is treated exactly how you would treat them at Christmas. So you don't have to feel like you are just abandoning your dog at Christmas but you also don't have to sacrifice seeing your distant family just to be a good owner. This option allows you to do both, giving you, your pet and your family a great Christmas.

Hello! I'm Nathalie Martin. I love fashion, beauty and animals. I'm a bubbly girlie that enjoys a tipple with my friends, a snuggle with my cat and of course my lovely fianc�. I write about what's real and try to help others with my writing whilst bringing a smile to their face. Read my alternatives to dog boarding kennels for your dog at Christmas so that both you and your dog can have the Christmas you want. Follow me on twitter!

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