Puppy Care and Christmas

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A Puppy for Christmas

A Puppy for Christmas
By Angela Heyburn

So you want to buy the kids a puppy for Christmas. Sounds like a great idea, may even teach the kids responsibility by caring for the puppy.

We could put it in a box and put a large bow around it, pop in a few air holes - what a great surprise for the kids, Christmas morning.

Hold on a minute - what is wrong with this? Sounds like a very bad idea! Think about things from the puppy's point of view. It is a living creature with needs. Young puppies are only babies afterall. This could be its first night away from its mother and littermates - and you want to shove it in a box for over 12 hours. You will be opening a very soggy package in the morning.

Maybe you won't wrap the puppy in a box, but is it still a good idea to have the puppies' first day at home, on Christmas day? Will you have time to care for the puppy while rushing around? Are you going out to the relatives or are they coming to your place? All the commotion of Xmas Day could be quite upsetting to a baby puppy.

Puppies first day in his new home needs to be a peaceful occasion. You will need to introduce the puppy to his new environment and start the housetraining routine. While you may have bought the puppy for the children to learn responsibility, there will be very few children that are capable of carrying out this task. Are you prepared to see to the puppies needs if the children are not capable of carrying out these chores?

A puppy that is loved and cared for make great companions. Those that are bought on a whim often end up in the pound as their new owners have no idea how to raise them.

Please don't purchase a puppy as a Christmas present. Get your new puppy before or after the holiday period. A reputable breeder will not allow you to take a puppy home for Xmas day.

A puppy is for life. A week or two either side of Christmas day will make the world of difference to the puppy's start in life without the safety and security of its mother and littermates, and you will be able to spend important time with him.

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