Irish Dog Names and Meanings

In this article you'll find Irish dog names and meanings to choose the perfect name for your new puppy.

Irish Dog Names and Their Meanings

Irish Dog Names and Their Meanings
By Clare O Hagan

The Irish have a special regard for dogs. They are part of our culture, our history. There is much mention of them in Irish stories and myths. The tallest dog in the world is the Irish Wolfhound, bred originally to hunt stags and wolfs. Well known dog breeds from Ireland include the Irish Red and White Setters the Irish Water Spaniel, the Kerry Blue. We have the terriers: The Irish Terrier, the Wheaten Terrier, and The Glen of Imaal Terrier. The Irish dog breeds mentioned were bred for working. They are hardy, intelligent, and courageous, and very good looking dogs.

We have made a list of Irish names that would suit a dog. In addition to well known Irish names and their meanings, we have introduced new ones. We have suggested dog breeds that would suit the names. We have included words that sound right, they are at times, whimsical and poetic.

Enjoy reading the list of names and their meanings. Thank you.

Anlan – great hound or warrior, this name has a majestic ring to it
Bannon – white - wheaten terrier
Blaine – thin - greyhound, whippet
Bran, Brenna – raven, Bran is the name of an adventurer
Caha – showery mountain - Caha is two syllables, good when calling a dog
Cara – friend – every dog
Cargan – little rock – would suit a small breed of dog
Carrig - rock
Carey – dark (Black Labrador)
Conan – hound – has a protective ring to it
Conor – lover of hounds
Conry – king of wolves/hounds
Crolly – shaking dog – perhaps a spaniel or waterdog
Derry – descendent of the red haired one, or oak wood
Donn or Dun – brown - chocolate Labrador
Dougal – black strand
Egan – small fiery one -any terrier
Emly – Lake marsh of the yew tree - any beautiful dog
Finn – river in Donegal, blond haired
Fintan – white fire
Flynn – dark red
Grainna – she who inspires terror – perhaps a small wirey terrier
Hugh - fire
Kasey - brave
Kelly - warrior
Kerry – descendant of the dark one – Kerry Blue
Kyla - attractive
Lana – peaceful, attractive
Lorcan - fierce
Madden – little dog
Murphy – hound of the sea
Nola – Noble
Orla – golden princess
Paddy – short for Patrick
Quinn - strong
Rory – Red king
Ryan – little king
Rua – red – red setter
Sion – fairy hill – where the author was born
Tara – rocky hill, assembly area
Tory – mountain like
Tressa - strength
Tynan – Dark
Tullia – quiet and peaceful

©2006 Clare O Hagan -

Clare O Hagan is co-owner of O Hagans Irish Store. A genuine lover of dogs, Clare and fellow artist Denise Wyllie, design, produce and sell, dog clothes with an Irish twist.

The artists are affiliated to leading Women's Health Institutions internationally. See their art at

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