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Whippet Pup Housetraining

7 Basic Rules for a Well Trained Puppy

Don’t despair, house training a whippet pup is possible! Even in the darkest hour of puppy housebreaking, don’t give up hope. Follow these 7 steps to train effectively whippet dogs and puppies.

House training a puppy can take few days or much longer, just be confident it can be done, don’t give up faith if some set back occur. Follow these simple guidelines and rest assured that success is attainable.

Regarding dog home training, whippet dogs are just like any other breed, some are easier and some will test your patience, keep your cool and carry on with this program, it is the most reliable and gentle method and eventually you’ll succeed.

1 Confine your Whippet Pup

When your new puppy is not supervised, confine him to his playpen, crate or use a puppy gate to limit his access to the house.

Letting him run free will only encourage him to misbehave.

2 Whippet Pup Timing

Anticipate when your puppy's needs to eliminate. After a nap, eating, playing or when he suddenly sniffs intently, take your pet to the designated spot, if he eliminates, praise him enthusiastically, if he doesn’t, place him back in his crate or playpen, wait and repeat the procedure until he complies.

If you use a special word when the dog relives himself, he will soon learn to eliminate when you give that command.

3 Avoid Accidents

Prevent, don't reprimand. Restrict the puppy in his crate or pen when you can’t supervise him.

As a rule of thumb a puppy shouldn’t be left in his crate for more than two consecutive hours and only after exercising.

4 Create Routines

Create a sensible routine that is compatible with your lifestyle and the necessity of your whippet pup.

If your dog knows what to expect from you, he will be more relaxed, reliable and your task of house training a dog will be easier.

5 Punishment

It is perfectly useless to punish your dog after an accident, he won’t understand.

That guilty look only means he is afraid you are once again about to go mad for no apparent reason.

If you are so lucky to catch him in the act of eliminating indoors, say “No” sternly and move him to the designated place.

6 Clean Up

Should an accident happen in the house, clean up immediately and thoroughly. Avoid ammonia based cleaners, they tend to attract further accidents.

If necessary use attractive and repelling sprays especially made for house training a dog, they can be bought in pet shops and supermarkets and really work!

Keep the eliminating spot clean, who wants to use a dirty bathroom?

7 Be Consistent

If you are firm and consistent your puppy will learn to respect you as his leader and master and you’ll lay the basis for a smooth and enjoyable partnership.

More about Puppy Training?

Here is an excellent video by Victoria Stilwell

Watch Victoria Stilwell in action as she restores harmony in homes where the pet is running the show and driving families to the breaking point. 

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