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Whippet or Not Whippet....That is the Question!

by Mary

Our Gunner boy was found on the streets, no chip or tags, couldn't find owner, so we took him in.

We thought he was a little underweight, but now that we've had him for a little over a month, I can't seem to get any weight on him.

He's been to the vet to be fixed & run labs, everything proved he was healthy, but 5 of his spinal discs are always showing along with a few of his ribs.

The vet was NO help for shedding some light on his type, only labeled him as "mix breed" (ya thanks! We knew that much! LOL)

For being a skinnier dog, he is MUSCLE!

If you saw me walking him, you'd think I had an 80 lbs pit bull at the other end of the leash! And BOY can he run!! Or should I say FLY!

When he really gets going he likes to spring into the air while casing out his surroundings.

Great, smart, lovable dog, but still needs some training. He has 1 ear that stands up & 1 that flops down, and when he lays out he's very LONG. He currently weighs in at 27 lbs.

I just want to find out WHAT he is so I have a better idea of his "ideal" weight, without the cost of a DNA test (& I'm also leery about spending the money for bogus results, know what I mean?)

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Bull terrier
by: Anonymous

Looks mostly bully. Not impossible to have some whippet but it is not obvious. Nice dog though and glad you have given him a good home.

Whippet or not?
by: Kevin

First, Gunner is absolutely beautiful!

How old does the vet think he is? My Dazey looks very similar but she is blonde. She is a Whipadore (Whippet / Labrador Mix) she has the curved tail, one ear is up and one down. She is 3 years old now and weighs 44 pounds.
She is also extremely fast and prefers catching frisbee's over food. I will post her link below so you can see her.

Dazey our Whipador

I hope this helps you!


by: Zelda

There could be some whippet there and terrier...

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