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Whippet Mugs, Gifts, T-Shirts, Posters and Calendars

Looking for whippet mugs, posters and calendars to brag shamelessly about your dog? Here you can find great whippet clothing and gifts for yourself or for your favorite whippeteer.

Whippet Mugs

What better way to start your day than having your coffee in your favorite whippet mug!

Give your spouse a beautiful gift for whippet dogs lovers to refrain him or her from acquiring yet another pet.

Whippet products and greyhound jewelry will make a great dog lover gift for your favorite whippeteer.

Whippet Jewelry

How to stop your spouse from acquiring more whippets? Give him or her a beautiful whippet gift!

It’s a tried and true technique, it worked beautifully for years for my husband, effectively preventing me from filling our house (and sofas) with whippets of every kind and color.

Alas, collecting whippet and greyhound jewelry is more practical than collecting real dogs.

A nice whippet gift is a lot cheaper and easier to handle than a bunch or live dogs and will satisfy (for a while) your whippet mania.

Dog breed gifts allow you to take your favorite dogs wherever you go and will show the world how exquisite your taste is in choosing such a wonderful pet.

If you are thinking about a present for a whippet lover, your can’t go wrong with one of these gifts. May it be cuff links, a watch, a ring or a pendant, it will be the perfect gift and you’ll be able to find here something in every price range.

The elegant hound silhouette was especially popular in the Art Déco period and in e-Bay it is possible to find lovely pieces of jewelry inspired by that style.

Whippet T-Shirts

When I walk my dogs, I often get stopped by strangers who say something like:

- Oh, a greyhound (or a galgo depending on the country I am in), how beautiful! But he is..... sooo small, is it a baby?-

I swear, I saw my dignified old whippets give a dirty look at their admirers for calling them baby greyhounds.

I’m so much in love with the breed that I don’t mind explaining again and again that my whippets are not baby greyhounds or undersize gals but to avoid any embarrassment to my dogs, I often wear a whippet t-shirt with the name of the breed.

This little precaution also spares me the bother of spelling yet another time the word “whippet” especially when we are in a non English speaking country.

Here is a collection of creative whippet t-shirts for yourself or as a gift to your favorite whippet person.

Whippet Signs

You can decorate the front lawn or your door with a whippet sign to make very clear to your neighbors that they don’t live close to an undersize greyhound but they have the honor of sharing the street with a mighty whippet.

A whippet sign will also state your impeccable taste for elegant dog breeds and keep away intruders that may fear the alarm dog qualities of our hounds.

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