Fleas and ticks are annoying, dangerous and can spoil your summer.

Read about natural remedies to get rid of these pestering bugs.

Flea and Tick Dog Oil

Flea and Tick Dog Oil
By Katie Appleby

Dogs scratching constantly can annoy the dog owner. Some dogs scratch themselves so rigorously that their skin begins to bleed, leading to infections. A natural flea and tick dog oil can be made from ingredients like lemon grass, cinnamon, thyme and neem oil. This oil is safe for to be used on pets and around kids, but they are deadly on pests.

Never use essential oils on the dog's face (i.e., the nose, eyes and ears). Natural flea and tick oils are a healthy, safe and convenient way of killing pests. They are made with high standards. Spray weekly, depending on the dog's outdoor activity. Spray liberally, but it should not reach saturation point. Start from the tail and include the legs and underbelly areas. Hand fluff the fur from the reverse direction, as it helps to penetrate oil deep into the skin.

These natural oils will neither harm the dog-owner's skin nor the dog's skin. Peppermint oil and cedar oils will even fill the house with a rich aroma. These oils do not enter the bloodstream of the pets, but successfully kill the ticks and fleas on contact. The oil gets absorbed into the pets' hair follicles and shields them from pests.

Flea and tick dog oils can be used all over the house where fleas generally infest and ticks hide. Liberally spray over the bedding, mattress and play areas that include the windowsills, doors, corners, crevices and cracks.

Another mild, yet effective, treatment for treating pests is tea tree oil. Fleas generally dislike the smell of this oil. Pour one teaspoon of tea tree oil into one warm cup of water. Fill it in a spray bottle. Shake it thoroughly before use. Spray this mixture into the dog's fur wait till it dries.

Use this solution once a day, until all the fleas and ticks are gone. Tea tree oil prevents skin infections and also disinfects bites. Eucalyptus oil also is a natural remedy for ticks and fleas, and is much safer in comparison to chemical treatments.

Natural oils reduce chemical toxins which can cause side-effects on the pet. They are a great way to kill fleas and ticks without causing harm to children, pets or the environment.

Katie Appleby is an accomplished niche website developer and author.
To learn more about flean and tick dog oil, please visit Tick Treatment for current articles and discussions.

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Enjoy your summer!

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