Whippet Dogs: Behavior, Quirks and Tips

Whippet dogs are easy to train and eager to please but sometimes they can be stubborn and whimsical. Read some tips to smooth out your life with your whippet puppy or adult.

Whippet Dogs' Social Life

Whippet Personality

Every whippet has his special traits and personality that make him unique. Find out about the psychological traits and characteristics common to the breed.

Whippets and Cats

I wouldn't call this a match made in heaven but with a good dose of patience and dedication you might achieve a peaceful coexistence.

Whippets and Other Dogs and Pets

Should you give your whippet another dog for companion? Which would be the best choice? Are the resident cats safe with your whippet? Click on the title to find out.

Whippets and Kids

Can your kids play safely with the resident whippet or should we ask ourselves if our whippet is safe with the children?

Whippets are gentle and generally enjoy the company of considerate children. Click on the link for tips to mingle successfully the kids and whippets of your family.

Problem Solving Tips

Destructive Behavior

There is nothing my whippets like better than a good cushion hunt and kill. Read here how to protect your innocent pillows.

Home Alone

Even whippet owners sometimes have to go to work. A dog door will give you peace of mind about the safety and comfort of your pet while you are away from home.

Picky Eaters

You did your homework, you checked the best rated dog foods, you bought a good supply of what you think is the most nutritious dog food available but your whippet won’t eat it. Read some tips for picky eaters.

Separation Anxiety

Is home demolition your whippet’s favorite hobby? Puppy separation anxiety might be the problem. Find out about the most common symptoms and some simple solutions.

The Garbage Hound

This whippet training technique will be of great help if your dog, despite all your nutritional efforts, turns out to be a great garbage hound.

Exercising Your Whippet

Whippets and Exercise

How much exercise does your whippet need? Whippets are sprinters, not endurance runners and exercising your little hound might require less time than what you might expect. Click on the title to read more about whippet exercising.

Hiking with Your Whippet

Planning to hit the trail with your whippet? Great! These little hounds adore adventure in the great outdoor but before you start, read about or adventures and mistakes with our first whippet before you leave home!

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