Whippet Puppies
How to Choose a Puppy

Looking for whippet puppies? Find out what to look for in a litter of whippets and how to choose a puppy.

The first step is to ask yourself what you expect from your whippet pup. Is your new pup going to be a pet, a show prospect or a racing dog?

Be honest with the breeder and yourself, say openly what are your hopes for the puppy. Different qualities are required for the pet dog, the racing whippet and the show prospect.

Probably you’ll be able to have a look at the whippet puppies at six weeks but they won't be able to leave to their new homes before eight weeks of age.

Regardless to their future jobs all puppies must look well rounded with no bones showing.

They will be happy and playful and not unduly shy.

They will be fully weaned and on a regular feeding schedule.

The top line of a whippet puppy will look somewhat longer and flatter than that of an adult.

Their coat will be soft and their skin loose and supple.

Pet Puppy

If your whippet is expected to fit into the difficult job of being a pet, an even and easygoing temperament is the most important requirement.

Spend some time with the puppies, speak to the breeder about their temperament and in choosing the pup, just follow your heart or, even better, let the puppy choose you.

Show Whippet Puppies

If you have decided that your whippet must be a show champion, you better be prepared to wait for a promising litter of puppies.

Meantime, attend the local shows, get to know the breeders and their dogs. Study the breed standard and decide which line of dogs you like the best and has more potential.

It’s extremely difficult to assess a pup potential at eight weeks of age.

Your best bet is to start with with the best stock available and trust the breeder’s judgment. At the end of the day if your puppy doesn’t turn out to be the champion you hoped at least it will be a well bred whippet.

A male dog must have two normal fully descended testicles.

Look for a long back and neck, strong bone, well arched feet and an outgoing temperament...or just pick the one you like and hope for the best!

Racing Dog

Choosing a racing whippet is somewhat easier.

Look for racing whippet kennels, starting from a running line of dogs will give you a better guarantee about the puppy attitudes.

Look for courage, determination and a good conformation.

Keep in mind that there is a height limit for racing whippets that must not be exceeded. Click here to check the whippet standard in your country.

Male or Female?

To make your choice easier, decide right at the beginning if the whippet for sale you are looking for is going to be a male or a female.

Unlike other breeds, males are just as lovable as females. They both make wonderful pets and are both easy to train. Males are not more aggressive than females.

Whippet girls are smaller, their look is more refined and graceful than boys. Males are taller, more muscular and tend to like better repetitive games.

Female temperament tends to be more feline in nature. Girls can be strong-willed.

Consider that most unaltered females will come into season every six months and this restricts their participation to events. If you plan to participate to all the events in your area, a male might be a better choice.


Whippets come in any color and color combination so here you have an ample choice. Just don’t be tempted to have one of each color because they would be far too many.

As stated in the standard the whippet color is immaterial so the coat shade of your future whippet is only matter of personal preference.

Most top breeders don’t breed with a specific coat color in mind, it is difficult enough to breed whippets of outstanding conformation and temperament. Basically a good whippet cannot be of a bad color.

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