Whippet Dog Coat: Make it in Minutes!

Find out how to make a whippet dog coat in minutes. With this free dog coat pattern all you need is a fleece blanket and a pair of scissors to fashion a dog coat.

Don't be intimidated by dog coat patterns and needle work. With this free pattern you’ll learn how to make dog coats in minutes.

All you need is and old Polartec blanket and a pair of scissors to make a fleece dog coat in no time.

Polartec dog coats are soft, warm also when wet, easy to wash and can make cheap whippet coats for the cold winter nights.

This dog coat pattern worked beautifully as an emergency solution during a trip but it can be used also to make handy pajamas.

We were traveling in winter with my elder dog and to my horror I realized that I had forgotten his warm whippet dog coat at home.

The poor thing was shivering and the fact he was old and a little underweight just added to my anxiety.

So I armed myself with a few old IKEA fleece blankets and a pair of scissors and I put myself to work to fashion an instant whippet coat.

It took me sometime to find a pattern that worked on my dog and the shape  below is the result of the sacrifice of various innocent fleece blankets but the end result is a dog coat that works well and looks elegant.

Draw this shape on an old newspaper. For a medium size dog like a whippet the fold line (in green in the pattern) needs to be about 50 cm. (19.6 inches) long.

Cut it out and lay it on the fleece blanket folded in two. Place the side with the green line over the fold of the blanket.

Cut the shape into the fabric. Fit it on your dog with a knot in the front and one over the back.

And this is my Zippo wearing his warm dog fleece coat.

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