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Partial torn CCL in rear leg

by Jennife
(Manchester MI USA)

Have a 2 yrs., old male whippet who loves to chase the ball and tear it up with his buddy a 5 yrs female. Noticed one morning, about a month and half ago he was limping on his rear left leg. As the day went on he appeared to not be limping.

Would let me touch his leg and look at his pads, didn't pull away or show any sign of pain. I restricted as much as I could his activity. Once he wasn't limping at all, I let him go back at it. Shortly after he was limping on the front.

I took him to the vet and he had broke his "little" toe. I mentioned that he had been limping on the back leg. The vet looked at him and couldn't find anything. He has been limping on and off the rear leg again. I talked with the breeder and she suggested I take him to a chiropractor.

This Friday he went out and played ball, ran all over. Saturday morning he was limping very bad, the worst I have ever seen. I took him in to the chiropractor today but first the vet who is also a orthopedic surgeon looked at him.

As soon as she saw him walk, she checked his "knee" and told me she believe he had a partial tear of his CCl. You can see signs of atrophy in the leg.

The vet is suggesting surgery a TTA repair not as invasive as a TLOP. Looking for some advice.

Thank you Jennifer

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Second Opinion
by: Anonymous

The only advice I can give you is to look for a second opinion before surgery.
If you wish, you can consult the online resources listed on this page

Free Vet Advice

Good luck!

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