Italian Greyhound Coat
Essential Dog Outfits for Your Iggy

The Italian greyhound coat and a martingale collar are the essential dog outfits for your iggy.

The Winter Dog Coat for Iggies

Italian greyhounds lack of body fat and warm protection against cold weather, a winter dog coat is fundamental for your dog’s well-being.

E-Bay is an inexhaustible source of inexpensive Italian greyhound supplies. Above are some great winter dog coat especially designed for IGs.

How to Make a Winter Dog Coat

If you are the crafty type click here for a free dog coat pattern to make cheap, custom dog outfits.

To adapt the dog coat pattern to your iggy size, measure your dog from the base of the neck to the base of the tail for the length and around the chest, just behind the elbows.

If sewing is not your cup of tea, with an old fleece blanket and a pair of scissors you can make a coat in minutes, adapting this free pattern to your dog’s size.

Italian Greyhound Martingale Collar

A martingale collar tightens gently when the dog pulls back, preventing the sighthound head from slipping out.

Greyhound martingale collars are great to walk safely and comfortably your small hound. They are lovely and come in colors to match any taste and dog’s coat.

To make at home an Italian greyhound martingale collar, click on the link to open a page with detailed instructions. For the exact size of the collar, measure your dog behind the ears.

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