Door frames

by David Pollock
(Motherwell Scotland)

We have a 14 week whippet called Pete.

The training is coming along good but he's started chewing the door frames.

Is there anything we can do for training him on the lead as he does not like this.

He was late in getting his jags so we have not had him out yet.

Thanks for any advice.


To stop your puppy from chewing at the door frames your can try a Bitter Apple Spray. It is harmless but it tastes horrible and it should discourage your whippet from chewing.

To jump start his leash training while he is still at home you can put on him a small, nylon collar or puppy harness and, only under supervision, attach a light puppy leash to it.

Let him drag the leash around and play with your puppy just to get him used to the feeling of it in a pleasant setting.

Once he is ready to go out, start with the leash training exercises you'll find under the whippet training section of my website.

It will take a while but once your puppy will associate the leash with going out for a walk he will start loving it!

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