Dog Raw Food Diet

Sometime ago I began to introduce my whippets to the dog raw food diet and they seemed to appreciate it but our experiments were cut short by the break down of out fridge.

After this episode I wasn’t able to start a BARF diet again, so I can hardly call myself an expert in dog raw food diet.

Nevertheless I find this kind of diet and the benefits claimed by its proponents interesting and I would like to introduce this intriguing article.

Raw Food Diet For Dogs
By Monique Verrier

My dog was sick. She had bad skin and crusty sores all over. One eye was completely swollen from a sore on her eyelid. She scratched continually.

After visiting several local vets and spending $1500 on medicine, tests, experimental food and vet bills, they said she had an allergy. This seemed like a basic dog skin problem yet the vets were willing to give her steroids, take biopsies and incur huge bills without ever solving the problem. I finally decided I knew more about my dog than they did.

I spent some time researching dog health and dog allergies. I learned that dogs could get food allergies - especially allergies to grains. That made perfect sense since wild dogs aren't able to cook wheat or rice. I also found out that dogs can become suddenly allergic to food that they've been eating for years. Then, I discovered the BARF diet (Biologically Appropriate Raw Foods or Bones).

I changed her diet and her life that very day. She'd been living on Kirkland brand kibble for more than five years and now she was eating fruit, vegetables and raw meat. It was shocking to her at first but her health improved by leagues. The first thing that happened was that her teeth became really clean. Within two weeks, her skin was healthy and her coat was shiny. Her energy came back.

My dog weighs in at around 100 pounds. I feed her once a day. She gets some fruit and/or vegetables such as pureed carrots that have been cooked or green beans. She also likes fruit such as applesauce, strawberries and overripe bananas. Of course she won't go for the vegetables or fruit unless she's hungry so I feed her that and when she's done, I give her the raw meat and bones. Organs are very good but not too much on one day. Beef marrow bones seemed to really help her immune system. Raw food is not as expensive or time consuming as it might seem. It's easy to develop a system to keep your dog happy. I buy enough meat for a week or two, divide it up and freeze it.

Some of her meals include:

  • half a raw chicken (remove the breasts for yourself first) -- bones, liver and all
  • a beef knuckle bone, three chicken thighs, and a beef marrow bone · some beef liver and a turkey thigh
  • half a dozen eggs shells and all blended with some fruit or vegetable and a meaty beef bone
  • some combination of meat and bones with organ meat at least once or twice a week

She thrives on raw chicken (bones and all) even though cooked chicken bones reputedly cause choking in dogs. That seems to make sense because wild dogs catch and eat birds. Her digestion is more efficient because her diet is not filled with dried grains. She doesn't drink as much and she only has to go out one time each a day.

I encourage you to think about what nature intended for dogs, research and experiment conservatively. Offer your dog different foods to see what she likes. After years of poor diet, it only took six short weeks for my dog to regain her health. I would recommend a dog raw food diet for every dog.

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Raw Dog Food System

BARF Diet Dogs is here to give you all the information you need about the raw food diet, to help you prepare for the switch and to help you make sure you’re on the right track.

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