Dog Food Containers

Dog food containers will keep your pet food fresh and safe. Find out what is the right dog food storage container for your needs.

Pet food can be very expensive, the right pet food container will keep your investment safe from scavengers and will make your daily feeding chores much easier.

We listed some of the most popular dog food containers with their pros and cons.

Richell Pet Food Keeper


- Airtight: keeps the food safe and fresh.

- Size: it’s a space efficient container, will hold up to 22 pounds of dry food in but is tall and slim enough to fit in spare space.

- Strong: holds up to years of use.

- Value: cheaper than other leading brands.


- Size: may not fit inside a cabinet, can be too big for a single pet household.

Vittles Vault 40-Pound Stackable


- Easy access: it is stackable and space efficient especially to store food for more than one pet. Easy to move even when full.

- Airtight: scavengers and your own pets won’t be attracted by the food smell. Will keep the food fresh without adding plastic smell.


- Not squirrel safe: raccoons cannot open the lid but squirrels can chew trough the plastic.

- Expensive: quality doesn’t come cheap and these containers are on the pricey side.

The Airtight SOFT Pet Food Storage Container


- Collapsible: great space saver, the container gets smaller as the food is used up, perfect for traveling.

- Durable: lasts for years and is mice and ant proof.

- 2 sizes: comes in 30 and 50 lbs capacity.

- Airtight: keeps the food fresh and crunchy.


- Not dog proof: your pet can chew trough the sides.

The Vittles Vault 15


- Airtight: keeps smell in, scavengers out.

- Easy access: the “easy spin lid” is no trouble to open and close.

- Strong: made of food grade high-impact plastic.

- Price: reasonably priced.


- Not Stackable: not easy access if stacked. Perfect if you must store only one kind of pet food.

Iris Airtight. Pet Food Container Set


- Airtight: the airtight lid keeps the kibble fresh and safe.

- Wheels: the larger bin of the set comes with casters for easy moving

- Size: the larger one of these dog food containers holds a 20 pounds food bag.


- Treat Bin: the small bin on top can make difficult opening the lid of the bigger container.

Bergan Stack-N-Stor


- Stackable: can be safely stacked and offers easy access.

- Size: perfect for large quantities

- Sturdy: suitable for outdoor and indoor use.

- Safe: lockable.


- Lock: needs a lock to be safely closed.

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