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Dog DNA Test
What Breed is my Dog?

What breed is my dog? Should I do a dog DNA test? Find out about canine DNA testing and how to answer these intriguing questions.

ou just adopted a dog from the pound and while you are driving home you are already thinking: what breed is my dog, what’s his story and genetic making, can dog DNA testing give me an answer?

When your new puppy meets the family, everybody sees a different breed in the mix, just like when a new baby gets home and immediately everyone recognizes family traits in the newborn.

A dog of uncertain and untraceable origin inevitably arises everybody’s curiosity about his story and lineage. Our pet cannot tell us anything about his previous life and we let our imagination run wild trying to trace reassuring and familiar traits in him.

Man has been manipulating dog genetics to select desirable traits since the canine domestication but most of the modern breeds appeared only in the few last centuries, a surprising fact if we consider the amazing morphological differences of the modern canine breeds.
A recent study by National Human Genome Research Institute reveals that only three genes are needed to control the infinite variety of length, texture and growth pattern of virtually all dogs coats.

Whippets were selected for only one type of coat, short and silky but the variety of colors combination is mind boggling.

The tremendous progress made in dog DNA studies influences not only the way we breed and care for our pets but also has an impact on human health. In fact the way genes work together in a dog coat also helps explain how multiple genes are involved in complex human conditions, such as cancer, diabetes, obesity and heart condition.

Portrait of a Pet Mutt-Chocolate Labrador Mix Dog
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How do I Find What Breed is my Dog?

This interest of the scientific world in dog DNA testing comes down to us with the possibility to easily test our dog to find out his genetic making.
The sample required for the dog breed test can be collected at home easily with a cheek swab and requires very little cooperation even from the most reluctant dog.

It may take four to six weeks to receive the results of the dog DNA test but the accuracy of some dog breed tests is controversial. The precision of your dog DNA tests depends greatly on the complexity of his genetic pool.

Your dog’s DNA can only be compared to the DNA of a limited number of the most common recognized American dog breeds.

In other words, if your dog is the fruit of an illicit love story between two mutts, there might be just no breed or too many breeds involved to be clearly defined by the test. Some breeds might not even be officially recognized like for example the pit bull.

On another hand the results may be more definite and in this case you’ll be able to answer with confidence that puzzling question: “what breed is my dog?”.

Knowing something of your dog’s breed characteristic gives you some advantages not to be underestimated. The main benefit of canine DNA testing is that you will know exactly what to expect from your pet, how to best train your dog and how to take better care of him.

Whatever are the dog breed test results, remember that afer all also pure breed dogs come from fortunate crossings and most importantly, keep in mind that no dog needs a pedigree but only our love and dedication, to be a perfect companion.

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