Dog Breed Test
Is the Whippet my Perfect Dog Breed Match?

Before taking the dog breed test and proceed to the choice of the perfect breed, I think is essential to be honest and ask yourself if you are in the position to be a reasonably good dog owner.

Whippets are low maintenance dogs, they don’t require an enormous amount of work but they are no different from other dogs in their basic needs.

Answer honestly this simple questionnaire and find out if a dog is the right pet for you than take the dog breed test at the bottom of the page.

Can I exercise my dog for at least one hour a day?

Most dogs need at least a morning and an evening walk to keep physically and mentally fit. Click here to read more about whippets and exercise

Is someone home for most of the day?

Dogs in general and whippets particularly thrive on human companionship. If nobody is home for most of the day, your dog won’t receive the human interaction and the care he needs. Click here to read how we protect our innocent pillow while we are away.

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Do I have someone (friend, dog sitter, kennel) to look after the dog in case I must travel?

Try to figure out if you’ll be able to take your dog with you in your trips or if you’ll be able to afford someone to take care of him.

Can I afford the expenses (food, vet, dog sitter) for a dog for the next 10-15 years?

A dog is a long term commitment and can turn out to be expensive. The average annual cost of caring for a medium sized dog is estimated by ASPCA to be about $1500.

Do I have an area where I can safely and comfortably confine my dog when I am not at home?

A small garden would be ideal but other arrangement can work as well. Click here to find out about the best solution.

If the answer to all the above questions is yes, well... congratulations, you are a good candidate to the position of dog owner!

If you are considering a whippet as the right dog for your lifestyle, go to the page below to find out if whippets are your perfect dog breed match.

Are whippets the right dog breed for me?

Why choose a whippet? Click here to find out

Still not sure about your perfect breed? Click here to take a reliable dog breed quiz online.

Dog Breed Informant
A free website resource about dog breeds. Check out our dog breed list. To have that right blend of happy dog, happy household, you will need to objectively look at what breed will fit into your lifestyle. Our guide will help you choose a dog for you or your family.

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