Coach Dog Collars

Enjoy Coach dog collars and diamond dog collars at eBay prices.

There is nothing like a clean, exquisite whippet dog neck to show off designer collars.

If you, like me, succumbed to the charms of the natural whippet elegance, it will be impossible to resist a collar by your favorite designer.

Coach collars are beautifully crafted with first quality materials and will last for years, just like the beautiful Coach handbags.

Doesn't your dog deserve the best?

Besides, good quality is always a wise investment, a Coach dog collar will last for years and it is also a great excuse to buy yourself a matching Coach handbag.

Diamond Dog Collars

You don’t have to be a Hollywood celebrity to put diamond dog collars on your pooch, but a good dog collar with a little spark will sure make you feel like one!

If you feel down, put on your best clothes, a smile and go out for a walk with your dog. Bling dog collars will look fantastic on a smooth and elegant whippet neck.

In these eBay live auctions you’ll find glittering crystal dog collars at great prices. Click on the images to enlarge them.

In eBay you can often find very good bargains. Here are some tips if you are just staring out with eBay.

Decide at the beginning a maximum price you are willing to pay.

Wait to place your bid until the last moment or until your nerves allow you to.

Check the seller's records and the shipping policies.

Open a PayPal account, its a convenient and safe way to pay for your purchases.

If you'd rather just buy your collar without bidding, look for the "buy it now" options and get your glitter collar right away.

Embroidered Dog Collars

On an embroidered dog collar you can permanently write your info to help you find your dog quickly in case it accidentally gets lost.

You can have your cell phone number embroidered on one of these sturdy, no nonsense, good dog collars.

This style is especially suitable for sporty dogs that tend to get wet and may loose any info written with a regular pen or are too active to carry an ID tag attached to their collars.

These simple and cheap dog collars are a kind of insurance against pet loss, an addition to the microchip but much more immediate and effective.

They come in all colors to suit any nuance of the whippet coat.

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