Chew Resistant Dog Beds

Finding truly chew resistant dog beds can be difficult and mistakes can turn out to be expensive. Before you buy, check out our reviews of the best indestructible dog beds.

Kuranda Dog Bed

The frame of these beds is made with PVC or aluminum, in both cases the special design protects the fabric from chewing and makes them indestructible dog beds.

Kuranda beds are extremely durable and sturdy, the best beds for large dogs and compulsive chewers

These elevated dog beds are easy to wash with a hose and make an ideal indoor or outdoor dog bed for your obstinate chewers.

Kuranda beds offer excellent value because although they are on the pricey side, they will last for years.

Replacements parts are available and, for non chewers you can buy fleece pads for added softness and comfort.

A medium bed (35"x 23" , 89 x 58 cm.) will be the right size for most whippets.

Coolaroo Chew Resistant Dog Bed

These cot-like, elevated dog beds are less expensive then the Kuranda beds and offer the added advantage of being easily foldable, perfect for travel but they are not totally chew resistant dog beds.

An obstinate chewer could bite through the fabric parts. Coolaroo beds are easy to clean, mildew and flea resistant and make cool dog beds in warm climate but the screws tend to get loose and are not as heavy duty as the Kuranda beds.

Orvis Dog Beds

ToughChew Dog's Nest by Orvis, come with attractive dog bed covers and are comfortable enough even for the fussiest whippet.

The inner liner and cover of Orvis beds are made with rugged Cordura nylon, probably the toughest fabric on earth. These beds are expensive but come with the guarantee of refund if your dog can chew trough the fabric.

Orvis beds are beautiful, sturdy, indoor dog cushions but still, I wouldn’t leave a determined chewer in too tempting circumstances with such an expensive bed.

If Everything Fails...

If everything fails and your dog is still cheerfully chewing even through the hardest and most expensive dog beds, just pad a box with newspapers then fill it with shredded paper.

This was a very effective solution for one of my whippets who was a very obstinate chewer and a comfort seeker at the same time.

It won't be supercute but it is reasonably comfortable, insulated and very cheap!

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